One-Seam: Embrace the female form

One seam


There are already plenty of undershirts and tops for women. In all types of shapes and sizes. But Noshirt Women gives you something different: invisible comfort by design, and attention to the smallest details. Undershirts that hug your body perfectly. Whatever it looks like.

At Noshirt, we believe that what you wear under your clothing is just as important as the rest of your outfit. Our luxury undershirts and tops not only give you comfort, but also confidence. They keep you fresh, feel like a second skin, and cover up the straps and contours of intimate areas that you don't want other people to see.

That is why we have based the design of our undershirts on two things: the outline of you clothing and the outline of your body. The deep scoop, low-cut necklines, the short cap sleeves, the slightly wider armholes, the narrow adjustable straps of the spaghetti top: all elements that make sure your underwear stays out of sight under your blouses, dresses, shirts, and sweaters. They make you look better without ever being seen.

But what about the body. The female body. It can’t be forced into just four sizes or models. That is why we wanted to embrace it with a fabric and a shape that fits every woman. That is why we came up with the unique one-seam design. A single, soft seam on the back makes sure the fabric only comes together at one point, perfectly hugs your body, and follows your feminine curves without pulling, sagging, or pinching. Furthermore, the accent gives the top a special, more stylish look and feel. Which is also important. Because even invisible clothes have to look good.

Then there is the fabric itself. The ultra-thin and silky-soft Supima cotton has a light stretch so it stays in shape and provides support round every curve.

What else have we come up with? The back is slightly longer than the front, so the tops are all the same length when you wear them and stay tucked in. And they also cover the hips far enough so the undershirts don't roll up or twist round, and they have elegant stitching at the bottom that keeps everything perfectly in place.

In addition - another crucial detail - we have developed a unique colour that camouflages the contours of your underwear under light-coloured clothing. We call this colour Invisible Rose. You can read more about it here.

In other words, Noshirt is the perfect start to every day. An essential and invisible layer of comfort. Beautiful enough to keep it to yourself.

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